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For our maker partners, there are no assembly lines.
Just focused studio spaces, where every vase,
rug or textile begins with their hands.

AndJacob's artful creations require hardcore machinery.

The Mexico-based design studio specializes in homewares made from marble and volcanic stone.

Designers conceive the objects, while artisans realize them.

These rock-hard pieces introduce a grace and flow to the modern home.

There is something proudly optimistic about La Casa Cotzal\’s bright,
bold and beautiful handmade pillow cases.

Zuahaza teams makers and designers, crafting textiles between
a creative lab in Bogotá and a studio in Charalá, Colombia.

The brand comprises women from diverse cultural backgrounds sharing one national territory and one common mission:

To preserve and revitalize traditional crafts through collaborative design and the exchange of ideas.

Tribal Textiles creates hand-painted textiles, blending
traditional techniques with contemporary design and colors.

Every piece Phedra makes is 100 percent handmade.

Fired and hand-hammered, every copper homeware by Phedra is unique.

Artisans from Michoacán, Oaxaca and Jalisco pass on millennial-old techniques, generation to generation.

Start sourcing now, and savor a world
of handmade beauty.

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