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Glorious Guatemala

Nestled in the heart of Central America, Guatemala is a country of mountains, volcanoes beaches and jungles, seeped with culture, age-old traditions and processes passed down from generations.

With a heritage that blends indigenous Mayan, European and Caribbean influences, artisans from this region produce a range of beautiful and unique handcrafted pieces.

Colorful textiles woven on backstrap looms are of such fine quality that they have been the subject of scholarly study.

The attention to detail that goes into both the wood products and ceramics offers a glimpse into the level of care for both the environment and the lives of the individuals involved in the work.

Products that are unique and functional are carefully created to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern style, preserving cultural heritage while promoting environmental and social awareness.

Handmade to preserve the heritage of Guatemalan design, artisanal communities across the country conjure up shapes, materials and colors to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


As a nonprofit organization, Pixan donated 8 foot looms to female artisans in Mam and K’iche, where high-quality pillows are sewn and old Mayan tales are threaded into rich and colorful designs.

“Weaving for a weaver is like writing a book for a writer, both put all their thoughts, their feelings and their emotion in something that becomes a wonderful piece of art.”

Inspired designs that will liven up any space – as well as the community of its creators.

Mayu’s expressive tableware designs – including vases, glasses and bowls – are all handmade to preserve the heritage of Guatemalan design. Each product blends a functional ethos with the artist’s eye and imagination to create pieces that hold a key to the past with a look to the future.

“We want to help new generations to connect with the soul of each

product in order to create history, experience and above all a union.”

“At Meso Goods, we believe that design is a tool used to create a strong and lasting impact. We have traveled around this beautiful world, met incredible people, worked and learned so much about techniques and cultures, and this is our way of bringing it all to you.”

Handcrafted woodwares from sustainable and locally-sourced wood ensure that each product is not only a unique work of art but a true expression of the beauty and biodiversity of the Guatemalan jungle.

From handcrafted cutting boards and kitchen utensils to decorative home furnishings, each Itza Wood piece exemplifies traditional artisanal techniques using locally sourced materials.

Salad Bowl, Itza Wood

Handcrafting requires persistence and patience.

Itza Wood crafts with attention to detail, caring for the environment and the lives of of their talented artisan families.

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