Wool & Indigo
United States of America
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About Wool & Indigo

Wool & Indigo is a small women-owned creative studio located in Orlando. The studio holds a strong conviction that exquisite design and ethical principles are the fundamental pillars of true quality. Their dedicated team is committed to crafting sustainable home goods, small-batch soy-free candles, and perfumes, all tailored for the modern home.

With a heartfelt belief in the value of handcrafting, each product is brought to life with utmost care and attention to detail. The studio's designers draw inspiration from their diverse experiences, including global travels, fruitful collaborations with master artisans, and the inherent allure of natural materials.

Wool & Indigo endeavors to provide patrons with products that not only inspire but also leave a positive impact on the environment and the communities they touch.

Ships from:
United States of America
Throws, Throw Pillows, Skincare, Fragrance, Candles + Home Fragrance, Candles, Beauty
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