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About Obakki

Obakki is a purpose-led lifestyle brand that fosters connections through modern design. Every item they curate is handcrafted and produced in collaboration with a network of world-class artisans who infuse their creations with meaning and a sense of connection for your home. In the Obakki family, these artisan partners hold a cherished place, with ongoing communication and their well-being serving as the company's foremost priority.

Obakki's commitment extends beyond just the products; they prioritize the happiness, health, and financial independence of their partners. By upholding the creativity and expertise of each artisan, Obakki empowers communities with a stronger sense of cultural independence and pride. Their belief in slow design has led them to collaborate with artisan groups worldwide, preserving and honoring traditional artistry. The brand cherishes the concept of limited edition, small-batch homewares, meant to be admired for generations.

Embracing a mindful approach to consumption, Obakki places great emphasis on knowing the origin of their products and understanding their impact on the environment and the communities that create them. They partner with like-minded co-ops and global artisans who share their values of sustainability, traceability, and ethical production, ensuring that each Obakki product reflects these core principles. For Obakki, it's not just about beautiful design—it's about making a positive difference in the world through responsible and meaningful choices.

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Trays + Platters + Stands, Totes + Work bags, Throws, Storage Baskets, Serving Bowls + Baskets, Scarves + Wraps, Rings, Ornaments, Necklace, Fragrance, Earrings, Dinnerware Sets, Decorative Baskets, Decorative Accents, Bracelets + Anklets, Backpacks + Weekenders
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