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About Korissa

Korissa is renowned for offering a captivating array of unique and purposeful handmade goods, exemplifying a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Their carefully curated products not only stand as one-of-a-kind creations but also serve as a powerful means of supporting artisans in low-income communities.

Through the purchase of any of their handcrafted products, customers actively contribute to the well-being of these talented artisans. Korissa ensures fair wages for these skilled craftsmen and women, leading to enhanced opportunities for education, improved healthcare, and the creation of new possibilities within their communities.

Each product showcased by Korissa bears the distinct mark of their thoughtful design and sustainable ethos. Collaborating with Fair Trade artisans, they embrace a holistic approach to creation, fostering an environment where craftsmanship flourishes while empowering the artisans to lead better lives. With every Korissa product, customers not only acquire a beautiful and unique piece but also become part of a positive, transformative force that uplifts communities and fosters a brighter future for all involved.

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United States of America
Wall Accents + Art, Wall Accents, Totes + Work bags, Tea Towels + Pot Holders, Storage Baskets, Shoulder bags, Serving Bowls + Baskets, Serveware, Rugs, Planters, Placemats + Chargers, Ornaments, Necklace, Laundry Baskets, Decorative Baskets, Decorative Accents, Cutting Boards, Coasters, Clutches, Candle Holders + Lanterns, Bath Towels, Baskets, Bags, Area Rugs, Accent Rugs
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