Alta Estudio
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About Alta Estudio

Alta Estudio is a Colombian brand that celebrates the country's diverse cultural heritage by crafting beautiful and utilitarian objects in collaboration with master artisans from indigenous communities across Colombia. Each product weaves together stories of history, tradition, and identity, showcasing the stunning landscapes and resources of the places where they were created.

From the tropical beaches of Cabo San Juan to the lush mountains of Risaralda, Alta works with artisans who specialize in varied ancestral techniques such as weaving, wood carving and ceramics to create stunning objects of home decor. Partnerships with indigenous communities such as the Eperara Siapidara, Wounaan, Kamentzá, and Embera Chamí have allowed them to maintain traditions, celebrate cultural heritage, and share the beauty of Colombian craftsmanship with the world.

Through collaborations with master artisans, Alta Estudio brings to life objects that are not only aesthetically stunning but also carry a cultural message. Each piece tells a story, encapsulating the history, traditions, and resources of the place where it was made. With Alta Estudio, you can bring a piece of Colombian culture and history into your home.

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