Remolino Earrings 

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The Remolino Earrings are inspired by a magical place: the Río Claro basin. There, the river water -a life source for countless endemic species- has carved different patterns on the stones that surround it, allowing us to glimpse an infinity of forms that captivate whoever looks at them.

They are handmade in hand-blown glass and 950 Sterling Silver recovered from X-rays giving each pair its unique shape.

With your purchase, you contribute to the conservation of 10m2 of Tropical Humid Forest in the Colombian Magdalena Medio in alliance with O2 RESERVE.

* Remember that each crystal is handmade so it is unique and unrepeatable. Your jewel will be similar but not the same as the one in the photo.


* Your jewel will be accompanied by a cleaning cloth to revive its shine whenever you feel like it. We want to instill the habit of taking care of our belongings and giving them a long life.

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