Mundo Mondo Incense Set - Positive Energy 

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Our Positive Energy Incense Set; It consists of a box of Positive Energy Herbal Incense Mixture, a Sage Incense Bouquet, Ceramic Incense Holder, 5 Incense Charcoal and Incense Sand.

Positive Energy Herbal Incense Blend:
Sage; purification, protection, energy boost
Rosemary; purification, peace, happiness, joy
Rose; love, compassion, devotion, trust, happiness, peace
Eucalyptus; energy cleansing, vitality, concentration

Sage Smudge Stick: Sage is one of the oldest known herbal incense. It has been used since ancient times to clean spaces and remove negative energy.

You can burn your incenses and incense charcoal in a ceramic or copper bowl.

We hope you enjoy it.

* The products in the box are not packaged for food purposes.
* Those with asthma or respiratory problems are not recommended to breathe the fumes emitted during smoking.