Ware Innovations
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About Ware Innovations

Ware Innovations, an independent design studio headquartered in Mumbai, embarks on an innovative journey, exploring various materials to craft products and experiences that elevate everyday encounters from mundane to delightful.

The studio's core mission revolves around the fun and functional redesign of everyday products, with a particular focus on transforming the tablescape. Their creative endeavors revolve around creating tableware that not only enhances the presentation of everyday food but also infuses home-cooked meals with joy and satisfaction.

To ensure unbridled innovation at every stage of their creative process, Ware Innovations takes a comprehensive approach. They not only conceive and design their products but also personally oversee the manufacturing process. Moreover, they retail their creations through their online store as well as their Mumbai-based studio, connecting directly with their audience to deliver unique and cherished experiences. Through their holistic approach, Ware Innovations continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of design, adding charm and delight to the simple joys of daily life.

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Serving Bowls + Baskets, Dinnerware Sets, Dinner plates
Yes. Contact us at info@poweredbypeople.com for custom requests.
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