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Madagascar’s largest remaining rainforest is abundant with biodiversity, and Ta’na’na has a creative way of preserving that ecosystem while turning it into an endless source of artistic supplies. Local farmers plant native trees, which provide a home for native silkworms. After the cocoons are harvested, artisans use them to craft unique silk textiles. Ta’na’na farmers have planted over 30,000 trees since 2009, helping replenish the endangered Madagascar rainforest. 

The statements that Ta’na’na makes with its silk wall hangings are just as impactful. Its Color Field Wild Silk Wall Hanging, spanning three meters across in rich indigos or shades of burgundy, provides a luxurious conversation piece for any room. One hundred percent of the profits from Ta’na’na Silk are reinvested in the workers in Madagascar, and you can be 100% sure the Shibori Table Runner or Placemats will steal the show at any dinner party.

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United States of America
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