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About Kitbox Design

Kitbox Design stands as a distinguished design studio headquartered in Istanbul, a brainchild of the visionary Industrial Designer Tugce Sonmez Evin. The studio's primary focus revolves around the creation of exquisite, handcrafted home and office accessories, alongside captivating lighting designs.

Kitbox's design philosophy centers on the timeless beauty of traditional and natural materials, such as wood, glass, copper, and brass. These materials, crafted by skilled artisans, metamorphose into enduring, contemporary, and visually captivating everyday objects. Rooted in the foundations of industrial design, Kitbox draws inspiration from geometry and the art of surmounting the boundaries of form through innovative design.

Kitbox firmly believes that design transcends linguistic and geographical barriers when it carries the unmistakable imprint of human craftsmanship. This conviction has led them to design all their products within the heart of Istanbul, where the legacy of artisanal excellence is etched into history. These designs are then handcrafted by their team of exceptionally skilled artisans.

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Wall Mirrors, Vases, Trays + Platters + Stands, Table Lights, Planters, Notebooks + Journals
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